April 13, 2017

Why Us?

We offer affordable offshore web design and development in the Philippines.

With your in-house web design staffing budget in US, UK, Australia, Japan or Singapore, you are capable of getting highly experienced and more offshore web designers in the Philippines to do your web design projects for you, allowing you to get done with projects quickly at a fraction of your usual price.
We can be your offshore web design partner agency for your digital needs either on a per-project basis or through a remote staffing agreement on a monthly updatable contract.

We will provide you with designer-quality web designs.

We create highly effective websites that look sleek and fashionable. We pay special attention to user experience; typography, colors and illustrations, making sure that everything mixes well together to create web designs that are functional yet look pleasing. We also design with the client’s brand in mind to ensure that your branding is consistent with digital channels.

We also offer outsourcing for your web development!

Your business can already save up to 20% of total development costs when firing a digital team remotely instead of hiring local developers. Whether it’s near shoring or offshoring, every kind of outsourcing is more cost effective. It’s because of various labor costs in the various states and counties. When you decide to hire in-house developers, you should not forget about the acquisition as well as retaining costs. In the end, they always can leave, and you’ll have to restart the process. When you hire software house, it’s our issue, we just have to provide resources and deliver your exceptional, amazing digital product.

When it reaches to in-house developers’ expertise, if you hire your development team, you have to worry about their personal growth. Therefore, I return to the topic of the previous point – costs. Developers in software houses have to be in drive. To do not stay behind, we always invest in education, conferences, workshops, books, etc. for our developers and Project Managers. The team has to constantly learn about new technologies and we carry the cost of it. Even if you want to take your in-house developers, we’ll offer great exchange of experience for them.

Think of the time it will take to coordinate in-house staff, taking away from the time you can spend on your business and cooperation. You don’t have to deal with all of the problems involved with hiring a team; retaining and managing your team because that’s what outsourcing companies go through daily.

You don’t have to spend your valuable time on accustoming some new blood on your board. And startup founders, you know it best – the faster you’ll emerge on the market with a final innovative digital product the better. Time is money;as the famous saying claims.

As discussed in this post, engaging a business outsourcing development team can have critical benefits for your company. The results of work remotely with the software house are visible among some of the successful startups and companies worldwide. Any kind of outsourcing has become an important component of day-to-day business activities.

Why You Need to Outsource Your Company Website?

Managing a website in-house can be very expensive. Thinking of hiring a new staff member to take care of the website and marketing? Think about the expenses associated with a new that…costs like salary, benefits, payroll taxes.

You also have to worry about hardware and software. Do you need to buy a computer for your new member? Will he or she need a particular software program such as Photoshop? Will this person require special training to learn the software or receive extra web expertise?

Don’t forget to consider the overhead and costs associated with the employee recruitment, interview and hiring processes (e.g., fees to post job ads).

Surprisingly, the costs add up, and you’re looking at wasting much more than you would spend if you outsourced your website design and development. Would you rather hire a new marketing assistant at $40,000 a year + hiring expenses… or cooperate with an online marketing company for less money? Outsourcing can help maintain your overhead low.

An online marketing company eats, breathes, and lives in the web. It’s their work to stay on best practices, new technology and the nitty-gritty details involved in completing and taking care ofa web marketing strategy. As agencies have multiple customers and measure what works with each of them, they can bring perspective to your online marketing plan that you probably don’t have.

Do you have time or resources to spend on researching digital marketing trends? Can you be sure that your efforts will result in the same knowledge that comes with years of practice? An online marketing company already has huge experience, and their expertise is at your disposal.

By outsourcing your website, you can receive a fresh insight. Are you getting leads, but none of them are becoming clients? An online marketing agency can help you design a conversion optimization strategy.
Are the Sales and Marketing teams confused about what your call to action should say? An online marketing agency can bring in a new perspective and help your company complete an A/B testing to get an idea, data-based answer to which wording works fine. Outsourcing your website can be irreplaceable in gaining new insight.